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Quality matters the most 

Seavus Quality Assurance is one of the main factors of the successful track record. Implementation, maintenance and operations of complex systems rely on high quality, multi-level testing.

QA Methodology

Seavus has a standard testing approach which assures quality at the end of the development life-cycle. It is based around standardized set of deliverables which ensure:

  • Encapsulation of all testing activities
  • Planning and streamlining the test activities
  • Properly documented results of the testing
  • Measurable performance

The documents that constitute the Seavus Testing framework (and are ISO certified) are:

  • Test Strategy
  • Test Plan
  • Test Scripts
  • Test Progress Chart
  • Test Exit Memo

Important part of the testing framework is also the procedure (testing workflow) that involves:

  • Smoke (Sanity) Testing
  • New Requirements Testing
  • Defect Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Regression Testing


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