Billing systems

Managed services 

Seavus Telecom Managed Services are an integral component of Seavus Technology Centre in Skopje, Macedonia. This facility enables telecoms to fully outsource the BSS support operations with Seavus Managed BSS.


Concept of Managed services

Telecom operators need to constantly invest into their IT infrastructure to remain competitive on the market. These create an overhead on the operator in terms of hiring, educating and maintaining their specialists, as well as perform regular capital investments in new systems procurement and implementation, and existing systems upgrade. At the same time, the capability of the in-house team directly influences the Quality of Service and the operational costs.

The value proposition of the Managed services model is for an external company (Service Provider) to do full business process outsourcing with Service Provider specialists, and an infrastructure owned by the Service Provider which is seamlessly integrated with the customer’s environment. This model promises delivering immediate and significant reductions in operating costs, followed by improved and sustainable financial and operational performance during the contract.


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