Billing systems

Consulting and resourcing  

Seavus experts are experienced specialists in various telecom business areas. The consulting services offered by Seavus are broad and cover research and development, analysis, testing, evaluation, training etc. Seavus has a history of successful engagements and customer satisfaction globally. The expertise of the consultants with the flexible service delivery model has been proven to be a perfect match for the client’s needs and challenges.


Seavus has the experience to meet clients need for resources with specific skills.  By our low cost recruitment offering of the right people with the right qualifications, we can contribute to the clients overall success and to maintain high productivity.


Seavus takes innovative approaches for solutions of new challenges, and helps clients utilize cutting edge technology in order to increase the competitiveness. Seavus pays special attention to the concerns of organizations new to outsourcing, and becomes a convenient and reliable partner from which clients can expect delivery of the most challenging projects.


Check out our resourcing and consulting services and contact our experts. They are ready to help you with your billing systems.