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Application Management 

Seavus Application Management allows the client to transfer complex system responsibility and operational activities while keeping ownership and control of the system, allowing the client to focus on their core business. Seavus combines integration from business management to software engineering via the Seavus iALM process (integrated Application Lifecycle Management), that facilitates and integrates requirements, documentation, coding, testing and release management.

Seavus AM helps increase productivity, improve quality, accelerate development, increase resource flexibility and reduce total cost of ownership.

The concept of Seauvs unified ALM is a single repository and a single software application suite where all development activities are done, from requirement management to release management, covering:

  • Administrative information (History, Assignee, Status, Project Manager, etc)
  • Description of defect, analysis from client side (how to reproduce)
  • One common core release code base with localization releases if needed
  • Release strategy to optimize software updates vs. lean production and customer needs


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