Billing systems

Billing operations have never been more stable 

Billing Systems

The stability of a telecom operator is tightly bonded with the billing platform, regarding which there are two major concerns for billing managers:

  • Maintain the cutting edge – it is crucial to launch innovative services, but this requires a very creative and responsive support from the billing operations, in terms of the platform functionality, and the knowledge and the capabilities of the billing support team as well
  • Lower operational costs while mitigating risks - Billing operations need a reliable and agile partner that can efficiently prevent and promptly remedy any incidents, maintaining streamlined and undisturbed processes for the operator

We have a comprehensive portfolio of services for various leading billing system platforms, which we have built during decades of work with leading telecom operators. All of our services are provided through a very in-depth Quality Assurance process, Agile Development Methodology and lean Application Lifecycle Management practices.

The complete portfolio of Seavus Billing Services also includes:

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