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User Interface Design

It’s not just an interface. It’s a whole new experience! 

At the heart of every design lie creativity and passion. Designing amazes us with its possibilities. And we are more than eager to embrace each and every possibility, so we can push the boundaries of the design.

Seavus Design Team includes creative minds focused on the User Experience (UX) using User-Needs first, employing User-Centered-Design Methodologies. The team is open to a design challenge for all platforms and devices.

Our curiosity provokes us to experiment with the latest design trends and create fresh solutions that impress, which are always up to date with the international and platform specific standards.

The expertise of the team will cover all areas of design that you ask for:

Web   Applications   Print

Web Site Design
Mobile Sites (Tablet/Phone)
Responsive Design
Adaptive Design
Landing Pages Design


Desktop (Win / Mac / Linux)
Mobile (Android™ / iOS / Win Phone / Blackberry)
Mobile (Tablet / Phone)
Icons Design


Promotional Materials

Brand Identity Design    

Logo Guidelines
Marketing Campaigns Design
Product Packaging


Apparel Design


You say “Hello”, the team already has is in action to deliver the interface of your products through the following activities:


UX Design   Usability Testing Methods

Interaction Design
Information Architecture
Visual Design
Usability Testing

Sketching & Prototyping
Wireframing (desktop / mobile)
Paper Prototypes
HTML Mockups



Expert Inspection
Heuristic Evaluation
Conversion Rate Optimization
Cognitive Walkthroughs
On Field Studies
Laboratory / Remote Testing
Focus Groups
Surveys / Interviews
A/B and Multivariate Testing
Card Sorting
Site's Statistics Analysis


Now is the best time to start working on the experience you provide. Contact us and learn how together we can design the new level of experience.

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