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Seavus Games create Casino, Board and Dice reinvented games and provide the players with the best of classic and modern games in a new and exciting way.

Our diverse game portfolio embraces the latest trends in social gaming and delivers the ultimate entertainment experience on your favorite devices. The team of developers and designers makes sure to bring real-life experience on your device and provide you hours of fun playing. Each game is carefully designed to spark your imagination and put your skills on test in the most exciting online challenges with best players in the world. 

Download our games and enjoy hours of fun in exciting game and casino atmosphere.

Games that create challenges and set the latest trends

Listening to our players wants and needs, and using our knowledge to create the most existing features which will provide the best entertainment. Seavus game factory is the place where magic happens and through our games we transfer that magic on your devices. They are your best buddy on the move to create the most entertaining gatherings with your family and friends.

Slot Battlefield
Unique and challenging slot machine experience
slot battlefield seavusThe most exciting slot machine which takes you directly in the epicentre of the combat, war between thousands of slot players eager for glory. Slot battlefield is more than a classic slot machine and will give you the ultimate thrill of winning. The unique combination of strategy and luck is what makes this game a real challenge for the best slot players in the world. 


Download link:  Windows 8


Yatzy Ultimate
Full version of the number one dice game across the Application Stores worldwide 

The most addictive dice game you can ever play! Yatzy, Maxi Yatzy and American Yatzy modes will give you hours of fun playing alone or against opponents from around the world.  Yatzy Ultimate is one of the most popular Yatzy games with unique features like multi-tabling and cross-platform gameplay, and holds BestAppEver award in Dice game category for 2012. 

Download links: iPhone/iPad Free | iPhone/iPad Full | Windows Phone 7&8 Free | Windows Phone 7&8 Full | Windows 8 | Facebook App | Android


Farkle Ultimate 
One of the classics, re-invented for your favorite device

Farkle is a free, highly addictive roll-the-dice game for iPad and iPhone. Simple, intuitive and massively fun, Farkle is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Constantly providing new challenges, its crisp design will allow you to enjoy yourself for hours, over and over again. It's time you show your friends that they are running out of luck!

Download link: iPhone/iPad Free


A truly addictive classic, now on your favorite device

Another well-known, addictive and top-shelf-fun board game with simple and ergonomic design. Checkers, or English Draughts, is part of our Classics Re-invented game range aiming to make iOS games the way they are really meant to be – simple, instinctive and massively fun.


Download links: iPhone/iPad Free | iPhone/iPad Full


Farkle Battlefield
Battle and win over the Calypsians, the great warriors!

Farkle BattlefieldFarkle Battlefield is more than a classic dice game and will give you the ultimate thrill of winning by taking you directly in the heat of the war between thousands of players with their eye on the prize – Farkle champion. The unique combination of strategy and luck is what makes this game a real challenge for the best players in the world. Use the gained powers wisely, cause you’ll need more than luck.


Download links: iPhone/iPad Free, Android 


Heart Hunt!
The most adorable casual game on the stores

Heart huntEver wondered how much love is needed to catch hearts in distant? Well Heart Hunt! will teach you by catching the small hearts around you… The game is simple to pick up and play with some super sweet graphics and great sound effects. Be aware – Highly Addictive! 


Download link:  Android 


Light the Light/Illuminate
Lights your way up to the fun!

LightTheLightRadical journey through rocky roads, darkness, mazes and few other surprises. The light will find its way by glowing into the darkness. Follow and collect the lights; go through the maze by controlling the light and avoid as many obstacles as possible to explore the mysterious path!


Download links: iPhone/iPad, Android 


Bounce the Bounce
Pixel art at its best. 

Bounce the BounceBounce the Bounce is a fast- paced bouncing game with a top notch design. The yellow ball needs to bounce its way through the mystical path in the never-ending game of avoiding prickly rocks and burning lava. Simple game rule, but it's surprisingly challenging.


Download links: iPhone/iPad, Android 

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