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We have the knowledge and experience to anticipate any possible fluctuations on the IT market 

Created on 11/16/2012 12:22:32 PM

Interview with Igor Lestar, Seavus CEO

Today our CEO, Igor Lestar gave an interview for Kapital, the most renowned business magazine in Macedonia. In the interview Mr. Lestar states that during the 4 years of hardships brought by the world economic crisis, Seavus succeeded in keeping its focus and cooperation with domains and clients that showed continuous growth rates. Most importantly, for last 12 years Seavus registered an average annual revue growth of over 30%. The milestone for 2012 is that our company has grown to over 500 ICT experts together with an ecosystem of 100 international consultants and over 3,000 clients worldwide.

For me Seavus is not just a company, it is part of my life

“We are working with clients from the western world in the last 12 years, and the reason for this is our continuous presence”, he says. “Seavus is a company which is able to adapt very quickly, and is capable to meet the market demands. We already have the knowledge and experience to anticipate the possible fluctuations on the IT market. Only the companies that possess these characteristics can withstand the hardest moments in crisis and continue to grow”, he explains.

“For me Seavus is not just a company; it is part of my life”, says Mr. Lestar. “Every phase of its growth brought challenges and hardships that mostly were tied by experience. Even when I look from today’s perspective I can say that we still have a lot of things to learn. The biggest challenge in the development process that elapsed and the one that follows is transferring our doctrine and culture to future generations to come”, he concludes.

Read the original interview here.