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Seavus Nis goes to Open IT 

Created on 11/9/2012 2:08:51 PM

Last week Seavus Nish attended the ‘Open IT’ seminar, a three-day event organized by AISEEC, where Sasha Todorovic and Milorad Imbra presented Seavus and its work and organized workshops with the IT students

Seavus supported Open IT in NishThis year ‘Open IT’ hosted around 200 attendants. The first day we started with Sasha Todorovic who had a presentation about the company in leisure atmosphere, as part of the "Trendomanija" session.  He told the story of Seavus from the early beginnings up until today and shared some of the current technology trends and projects our company is working on.

The second day, our colleague Milorad Imbra held a one hour presentation and workshop at the conference room. His lecture was focused on software development and the work done by developers, sharing practical tips and advices with students on how to use their time to develop better software.

Besides taking part in holding presentations and workshops, Seavus also supported the event as a sponsor.