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Seavus introduces DropMind v3.5 enriched with WBS structure 

Created on 5/14/2012 8:36:48 PM

The concept of bringing together project management and mind mapping techniques together is relatively new and encouraging. Knowing that project ground is developed by gathering and analyzing ideas through the method of brainstorming is the crucial key for successful cohesion of these two processes.

This procedure of turning ideas into action plans is the central focus in the new release of Seavus DropMind Desktop v3.5.

DropMind v3.5

The new version improves mapping experience by bringing the Work Breakdown Structure in the picture. This feature is the essential of every project and helps in identifying the work packages that will need to be done in the course of a project. A prime benefit of WBS is its effective aid in the planning process. As WBS evolves, it becomes easier to revise and update plans. Responsibilities can be assigned at different points of the WBS hierarchical tree, both managerial and technological. The project could be further seen as Gantt chart, exported or printed as an image. By implementing this feature DropMind v3.5 bonds brainstorming, project initiation and project planning into a complete productive process.

Another relevant improvement is Session manager which helps in organizing work with multiple maps at the same time. Provides possibility to open, edit or clone maps and gives users complete control of their mapping workspace.

Besides the Desktop version, DropMind iPad has its new release also. Finally iPad lovers can enjoy in DropMind and Dropbox integration, where project maps, to-do list or notes can be retained, having them when and where you need them. This feature will be available only in the full version of DropMind iPad.

DropMind® is low cost productivity software, identical to Mind Manager™ which saves 5 times on individual and 10 times more money on corporate level.

To find out more details visit www.dropmind.com

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