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Leadership and creativity is the key to success of Seavus 

Created on 11/22/2012 12:15:12 PM

Interview with Olivera Gegovska, HR Manager at Seavus, for Dnevnik

Last week, our HR Manager, Olivera Gegovska gave an interview for Dnevnik, the highest circulation newspaper in Macedonia. In the Interview Mrs. Gegovska speaks about the direction in which our company is moving, starting from the early days in 1999 when Seavus had only a couple of employees, until today when we have more than 500 IT professionals who successfully compete on the global market.

Leadership and creativity is the key to success of Seavus

“It is the leadership, aggressiveness, courage, professionalism and creativity that drive Seavus forward”, she says. “In the era of globalization and current business trends, the diversity in teams is something that naturally occurs. Diversity increases the creative potential of employees and that's what usually generates exceptional solutions in business.”

“Seavus is a company that is solely responsible for its success. Our vision, our mission and values were defined ten years ago, and today they produce results. We face new challenges every day, but together (all the people, all our knowledge and efforts) we succeed“, concludes Mrs. Gegovska.

Read the full interview here.