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Where technology art is created 

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. We always try something new and experiment. Our Seavus Labs is the place where we discover the ideal combination of knowledge and expertise to bring the innovations to life.

In Seavus Labs we aim at providing the modern way of infotainment, communication, navigation and app development that will surely enable you to differentiate yourself as innovator in the industry.

A sharp design, quality materials and unique ecosystem that will make your project stand out from the crowd – that is what Seavus Labs is structured for.


Machine Vision

The Machine Vision demo application developed by Seavus, enables full automation of the crane systems, avoiding the most common risk factors that can happen.

The crane system provides object detection, by implementing cameras for reliable monitoring of the environment. Real-time processing of data delivers timely reactions and movements of the crane, and sets the optimal route.

Exerbike – Riding the future

Imagine riding a bike on the streets of New York or Amsterdam, while enjoying the comfort of your room. You can even make a quick jump to a mountain trail in Germany without even moving an inch.
And all this being one click away on the screen of your exercise bike. You can even race yourself or race others just to add on some spice while burning calories. Moon hills or Mars craters, we provide it all in Seavus Exerbike concept. Based on Android as a platform and optimized for performance, our Exerbike engine is available for all exercise bike manufacturers who want their share of the future.

Percepto Automotive

Percepto is the first part of the Seavus Labs that enables you to learn from your customer behavior. As a part of the perceptive technology, the intelligent cloud learns from your user as an individual, but also from the network (crowd-learning). This helps you really provide a unique user experience through your unique infotainment. They will experience the care and the exclusivity that you aim to provide them.

Unified Life

Unified Life is a solution grouped around communication where every message received as e-mail, SMS, MMS, calls, instant messages, as well as feeds from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, is pushed and automatically synchronized in one single inbox. All messages are displayed by relevance according to your behavior and preferences.

Tailored Solutions for Smart Devices

Fully customized Android ROM with tailored user interface to be easy to use and completely new apps that provide unique Android experience. In the Tailored Solutions the Android stack is enriched and more natural interface and services are introduced.

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