Today, the safety of Embedded systems imposes serious requirements on almost any industrial domain. Seavus is addressing this need by delivering safe applications in each and every solution we provide. 

As part of the company goals to provide superior systems, Seavus has developed a system for a simulated crane storage facility. Throughout this demo we showcase our expertise in the design and implementation of complex industrial applications, where safety is considered to be a key requirement. The simulated environment simulates a warehouse with objects that are moved within the premises using the electrical hook, avoiding static and dynamic obstacles along its way.

The Machine Vision demo application developed by Seavus, enables full automation of the crane systems, avoiding the most common risk factors. The crane system provides object detection, by utilizing cameras for reliable monitoring of the environment. Real-time processing of data controls the reactions and movements of the crane, and sets the optimal route.

  1. Real-time response
  2. Protection of mission critical functionalities
  3. Dynamic route calculation and status reporting
  4. Hardware consolidation
  • Load identification and then load movement to preprogrammed destinations
  • Regulation of crane pull force on initial load lift to prevent load damage from uncontrolled pull force
  • Constant monitoring of crane load
    • Safe movement procedure in case of sudden direction change
  • Monitoring of objects on calculated movement trajectory
    • Creation of safe movement tracking
    • Prevention of object collision by rapid response to obstacles appearing on the planned trajectory
    • Detection of foreign objects placed in the monitored area

To achieve the required functionalities, Seavus has partnered with:

  • The systems are running on the INTEGRITY RTOS chosen for its proven track record of use in safety critical applications, and IEC-61508 pre-certification which makes it the perfect choice for applications such as this.
  • All of the development of INTEGRITY RTOS applications is done by use of advanced MULTI Integrated Development Environment development environment
  • Latest industrial platform from Freescale, based on Layerscape QorIQ technology for overall system control and safety.
  • The motor control is based on Kinetis MCU’s for driving and controlling DC motors with encoders achieving high precision positioning of the hook and soft start/stop sequences for minimal swing of the hook.
  • Visualization based on i.MX6 platform with capabilities to process quite a complex image processing algorithms and exposure of 3D OpenGL rendered ground layout.
  • CodeWarrior development environment for rapid and secure development of applications for motor control on Kinetis MCU’s
  • Use of imaging development kit based on i.MX6 platform from Freescale for visualization of the generated layout
Technical Solution

This system is composed of several hardware components, aiming to fulfill the functionalities of this demo.

The imaging algorithms used in this demo are custom designed and implemented by Seavus Embedded R&D development team. The overall implementation is optimized for use on embedded systems and is utilizing parallel processing of most of the steps used to process the images captured from the cameras.