Crystal Qube™ is a customer experience management solution that transforms all data about your customers into feasible business intelligence. It is a system that will bring everything you need to know about your customers, with only a couple of clicks.

The system brings the pieces of your customer’s image together throughout the following activities:

By using customer analytics and data mining, Crystal Qube™ builds a predictive modeling based on the customers’ past and present behavior. This indicates the probability for a specific customer to stop using Telco services. By addressing these issues successfully, the customer will be made more loyal and will be prevented and deterred from churning.

The solution offers a multi-dimensional view of the customers based on various parameters. Therefore, the customers can be clustered and grouped into various segments.

Based on the analysis of customer segmentation, churn score, usage patterns, recharge history etc, campaigns for retention, revenue enhancement (increasing customer wallet share) and cross-sell/up sell can be designed. The campaign’s effectiveness is measured by capturing the response of the targeted base.

By analyzing the data regarding the customer balance continuity and their profile usage patterns, Crystal Qube™ builds analytical models to identify the product bundling opportunities for cross sell and up sell.

Crystal Qube™ measures the return on investments (ROI) for individual product/services offered. Based on the performance analysis, Crystal Qube helps you to decide on which plan/products/services to focus in the future. You can even perform profitability analysis on yours or you competitors’ products.

The customer analytics for insights regarding the credit payment risks measure the non-payment risks attached to the customers based on their historical behavior, credit dues and dunning actions taken. Risk score is a valuable measure for up-sell campaigns as you won’t be focusing on activities that won’t return the investments.

With this option the users have the ability to analyze the revenue impact of the price plan (tariff) change. The tariff simulator simulates tariff changes on the whole customer base or on a single customer. Competitors’ tariff simulation is performed as well and it allows you to always check how much is spent by the customers for the same level of service in the competitors’ network.