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Igor Lestar, Chief Executive Officer, Seavus

Igor Lestar, Chief Executive Officer

Igor Lestar is the Chief Executive Officer at the Seavus Group, the innovative technology products and services organization founded 1999 in Malmoe, Sweden.

Igor Lestar is a widely recognized business leader within the professional services community in Europe. He is frequently invited to speak on international executive-level business forums and lead international business development efforts.

Seavus’ strong growth is a reflection of his tremendous investments in exceptional visionaries, professionals and business leaders. Together they create the Seavus Group strategy for two core components – Software Products and Software Services.

Igor Lestar headed Seavus in a new direction in mid 2004. He developed and implemented a radically different sales strategy which resulted with new sales offices in Boston, United States and London, United Kingdom. He also helped develop the framework for a fully integrated online sales system for the Products division.

After the huge success with the new sales organization, Igor Lestar has helped grow international operations with establishing several research and development/customer support centers. As the Seavus Group CEO, he successfully established a new Customer Support Center in Riga, Latvia in 2006, a R&D center in Nis, Serbia in 2006 and in Minsk, Belarus in 2007, then a Resourcing Center in India in 2007 and the latest R&D center opened in Belgrade in 2012. Opening of new sales offices in New York, Amsterdam, Zurich, Dusseldorf, etc. has followed over the next several years.

Igor Lestar currently sponsors all research and development projects at Seavus Group which strives to become a large part with scientific nature to help spur innovation, development and usage of new technologies worldwide.

Today, Igor Lestar is a business leader and entrepreneur for a 650-person multinational organization present in six countries, specializing in Software Integration, Business Process Optimization, Custom Software Development, Application Lifecycle Management and Software Product Research and Development.

Kocha, Boshku, VP SALES, Seavus

Kocha Boshku, President

Koca Boshku is the President of Seavus Group, responsible for corporate strategy and growth.

Before being named President, Koca Boshku served in several key roles including Chief Sales Officer and Strategic Program Manager, and oversaw worldwide operations. He has an excellent track record in sales, operations, business and market development.

Prior to joining Seavus, he worked as the Sales Manager of Login Systems, one of the largest regional wholesale software & hardware distributors.

Koca Boshku comes with an IT background.




Kostandina Zafirovska, Chief Operating OfficerKostandina Zafirovska, Chief Operating Officer

Kostandina Zafirovska is the Chief Operating Officer of Seavus Group. 

Prior to being named COO, she was in charge of the Gaming Division, playing key role in new business development and software project management.

She has been in IT industry for 16 years and has vast experience on projects for high profile clients from various industries such as insurance and finance.







Kristina Cvetanov, Chief Financial Officer, Seavus

Kristina Cvetanov, Chief Financial Officer

As a Chief Financial Officer in Seavus, Kristina Cvetanov is responsible for leading Seavus' finances, which includes the finance operations, corporate controllership, tax, investor relations, corporate transaction services, client & corporate finance and strategic planning and analysis functions.

Throughout her career, Kristina Cvetanov has been holding positions like Head of Procurement Department, Purchasing Officer, Financial Officer and Head of Division, that all lead to her becoming of Chief Finance Officer of Seavus.





Olivera Gegovska, Human Resources Manager, Seavus

Olivera Gegovska, Human Resources Manager

Olivera Gegovska is the Human Resources Manager, responsible for the personnel management and capability development of all Seavus people.

Before being appointed to her current position in September 2010, Olivera Gegovska worked as a Training and development specialist since 2005, which entailed overall responsibility for Seavus people development.

From 2001 until 2005, she acted as a Project Coordinator for many projects in the humanitarian field.

Olivera Gegovska holds an MBA degree in HR Management from the State Institute of Political and Juridical Research.